Saline for woundcare Use Saline to Clean wounds, cuts and scrapes
saline for hiking cuts and scrapes treat wounds with saline
saljet rinse for woundcare saljet rinse for cleaning wounds
clean scrapes and cuts with saljet rinse portable saline for woundcare

For thousands of years, salt has been prized by humans because of its curing ability and nutritional value. Since the 1800s, doctors have been using saline, like that found in Saljet Rinse, for many medical treatments.

Saline's most common use is for the cleaning of wounds. Normal saline solution effectively removes contaminants and has the same salt concentration as the fluid in cells. This means unlike washing a wound with pure water, saline will not cause additional damage to cells by pulling water from them. Saline works best at body temperature, something easily accomplished by holding a Saljet Rinse vial in your hand for a minute prior to application.

Because Saljet Rinse is the ultimate portable saline solution it is perfect for any occasion where a cut or scrape may occur such as sports, child activities such as playing on the beach or climbing trees, camping, hiking, construction work, firefighting or police, even military!

Outside of the cleaning of wounds, there are many other popular uses for saline. Many doctors use it to moisten bandages used in treating diabetic foot ulcers. This promotes healing and reduces the chance of infection.

You may have also heard of saline being used to moisten the nasal cavity, which often gets irritated in dry or heated climates. Nasal flushing with saline can help relieve the symptoms of dry nose and helps flush away dust, dirt and pollen from the nasal and sinus passages. Saline can also be used to prevent and treat nosebleeds.

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